A self-driven Software Engineer with problem-solving, analytical skills, and meticulous attention to detail. Possesses a creative mindset along with a deep fascination with the advancements in AI. Consistently delivering outstanding results in developing and deploying Front-End/Full-Stack web applications and now looking for an innovative, collaborative organisation that values teamwork and fosters a culture of innovation. Eager to find opportunities for both personal and professional growth within such a dynamic environment.

Keen interest in Software Development, I completed a Front-End developer training program, with skillcrush, after completing this training program, I studied Front End path with Scrimba, and codecademy. I have recently joined 100devs agency, here I have gained a vast amount of knowledge on Back End technologies.

I bring a compelling foundation in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, MongoDB, Express, and Node, as well as a dedication to delivering clean, efficient, and scalable code.

You can view my other project listings here.

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On the front-end, I build dynamic, responsive, and user-friendly web applications with a focus on clean code and efficient performance.

Back-End jsvascript icon node js icon express icon mongo DB icon my SQL icon

On the back end, design and implement scalable and efficient web apps with APIs, integrating them with front-end technologies.

Version Control and Development git icon git hub icon vs code icon vs code icon

Git and Github are my primary tools for version control and I have a good foundation in their core concepts using them effectively in all projects.



ToDo App Full-Stack, is built using the MVC Architecture, Authorization is implemented so people can sign up, customize & personalize the app.

Technologies: Node.js, ejs, mongodb, mongoose, nodemon, passport, passport-local, validator. Link to project

Connect four

Frontend Mentor - Using CodeSandBox to build the game - play a game of Connect Four against another human player (alternating turns on the same computer), View the optimal layout for the interface depending on their device's screen size, See hover and focus states for all interactive elements on the page. Technologies used: ReactJS library, React UI framework, TypeScript, Flexbox, Mobile-first workflow, and the live website can be visted here.


A searchable cocktail database created in React. technologies used React JS, CocktailDB API, React Router, React Hooks. The project has successfully implemented continuous integration and deployment pipelines using GitHub Actions and hosting and the live website can be visted here.

Sticky Notes

Interactive React app to create sticky notes. Create, edit, delete, and search notes. Data is saved between sessions with lifecycle methods. Technologies used - React, CSS3, HTML5.

The app saves data between sessions to the brower's local storage. This prevents current sticky notes and their contents from disappearing when the browser is closed, and users will be able to see their notes when they re-open the browser. The project is deployed using GitHub Pages and can be found here.

Name Tag Generator

Create name tags for you and your friends. Created in React, using concepts of hooks, bind, arrow functions props, events, JSON.

Input name to generate new name tag. Ability to create and delete unlimited name tags. Technologies used - HTML, CSS3, ReactJS. Deployed using github, and live site can be found here.

GitHub Repo Gallery

skillcrush GitHub repo gallery project. Uses GitHub API to access a user's profile and repo information. Access to specific information for each repo. Search for specific repo. Technologies used - JavaScript, HTML and CSS3.

The project is deployed using giHub, and live site can be found here.

Black-Jack Game

An actual set of decks put together rather than just picking completely random values each time. Bet amounts: $1, $5, $10, and $20 are base. Number of Decks: 4 base. The game doesn't really shuffle, so much as pull a random card from the stack until the stack is empty.

Built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The project is deployed using giHub, and live site can be found here.

Punk API Beer Finder

This app provides a frontend application for the Punk API. The API, which can be accessed through JavaScript's fetch function, returns JSON data on Brewdog brewery's catalogue of beers. Modern JavaScript is used to fetch and filter data from the API.

Technologies used - JavaScript, HTML, CSS3. The project is deployed using giHub, and live site can be found here.

Chat App - chatGPT

Full Stack project, as part of the 100devs training program. Build a Chat App with NEW ChatGPT API. The back end of integrating into ChatGPT with a messaging app.

Technologies used - VScode, React, Redux Toolkit, Node, Express, OpenAI integration, link to project here.

Leads Tracker

Leads tracker is a chrome extension. You can use this to track leads on your browser. Lead tracking is the process of documenting and categorizing prospective customers based on individual actions and sales rep touches.

It has three main functions: 1. Save Input - manually save URL; 2. Save Tab - uses Google's chrome.tabs API to get current active window and active tab URL; 3. Delete All - deletes all saved data.
Technologies used - JavaScript, HTML, CSS3.

Video Chat App

React Video Chat Application using materal-ui and WebRTC.

Technologies used - NodeJS, ReactJS, Socket.io, Express. The project is deployed using gitHub, and project can be found here.